Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Interlude in Household Journey

I have to run errands in town today, so this series today is a bits and pieces interlude. This is the top drawer of the hutch, BEFORE:

and AFTER.

It looks better, yes, but most of the changes are just cosmetic. I consolidated and stacked, I didn't really toss much or make many changes. Basically, yes, it's a junk drawer. I find these difficult to live without in my busy family, and have to admit I have a junk drawer in almost every room where I can throw all the odds and ends and sort through them at intervals. Next run through, I need to really decide where all these things out to go -- tapes to the audio cabinet, and so on.

This is a midway shot of my kitchen cabinet. I had dumped out all the books to sort -- give away, reshelve. Yes, I do keep books in my kitchen cabinet. I actually did get a good bag of give-away books out of the lot. There were about three times as many as you see here.

After -- still crammed. I put the wooden educational toys and kindergarten activity books in there. I plan to rotate them out -- they were out on shelves but were getting stale and ignored. The binders on the bottom are for (1) my lesson plans and resource lists (2) work accomplished.

Now, here I cringe because these are two before shots of my curriculum closet. Who needs a walk-in for CLOTHES -- DH and I keep all of ours in a couple of chests of drawers. This is my little storage space for hibernating curriculum gathered over 15 years teaching 6 children. I have gotten rid of boxes and boxes of resources through the years, but this is what I am having a hard time letting go of. I worked on it for a while this morning, mostly just consolidating all the curriculum into here so that I could sort through and organize.

This is a fully-fledged Dragon in my house and I am going to devote a good part of the summer to ruthless sorting and weeding. Since I know this will be difficult for me -- my weakness is books and curriculum -- I'm going to arrange a set of halfway boxes. I will put the curriculum in there and then have my shelves clear for the stuff I really like and will most likely use.

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