Monday, May 26, 2008

Task #11: The Pantry

With my pantry, it's a bit difficult to show a "before" and "after" difference without showing the gross floor, which was probably the worst thing there. I didn't want to photograph that. But anyway, here are a couple of pictures -- one taken from the kitchen looking in, and the other from inside:


What I did:

  • Vacuumed and swept the shelves, the floor, and underneath the shelves
  • Wiped some of the shelves, especially in front where it seems to be dirtiest.
  • Scrubbed the floor.
  • Rearranged everything to get as much as possible off the floor, and the rest loosely categorized , as follows:
I keep miscellaneous "surplus" baking supplies and pasta in the back, canned food on the right upper side, small kitchen appliances on the right lower side, cereal and bulk baking supplies on the left side, and pet supplies right to the right as you walk in. Oh, and cleaning supplies are on the top shelf away from the little ones, and there's a few odds and ends like extra baskets and bowls in the back too.

So here's a couple of AFTER shots:

View from inside

View from the kitchen looking in -- I tried it without the flash so you wouldn't get blinded by the window rebound twice in one post:


  • Either later today or next time through, I need to sort through the cans and look at expiration dates, and while I'm at it, scrub the shelves down and line them with paper or something so they won't get any more stained than they are already.
  • While I'm at it I'd like to make some sort of dynamic inventory -- that means, not just a list of what's in there, but some sort of plan for how to use it up.
  • I also need to weed down on the surplus stuff at the back -- I didn't really get rid of ANYTHING except some trash from under the shelves, this time.

That concludes the downstairs stage of the tour! This week and next I will be focusing on our upper level. That will be broken down into five sections: Western side of loft, central section of loft, eastern side of loft, master bedroom, and master bathroom.

Next stop on journey:

The west side of the loft

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Anonymous said...

Hi, just discovered your blog....just a a label maker and label your drawers and shelves so that you can (and everyone else that lives in your house) quickly put things back where they belong.You can buy clear tape for your labelmaker and really,it doesn't look tacky. I have found it to be so helpful after decluttering/cleaning so as not to have all my hard work go to waste so quickly. We are a family of 9 (almost 10) and have found that by using a label maker,there is no excuse (except being to young to read) not to put something where it belongs..( I even labeled the silverware drawer,simply with "forks,spoons knives" to make it easier for the kids to help with putting the dishes away)..I also made labels that say "laziness is a sin" and also one that says"make mom's day,put it away". hope this makes sense.