Monday, May 19, 2008

Task #6: Foyer-Mudroom

I don't really know what you call it -- airlock? Anyway, that room in between the outside door and the inside door, very useful to have in colder climates. This is what it looked like this morning after my preparation, but it doesn't have shoes all over the place normally.

By the way, I skipped the coat closet in my journey because I just cleaned and organized it about 2 weeks ago and it can wait until next month since it doesn't get used much in the summer time anyway.


  • Wet cloths with soap
  • Took all the shoes out of the shoe chest.
  • Got out the vacuum


  • Vacuumed inside the shoe chest, and around it.
  • Scrubbed the inside of the shoe chest, and around it.
  • Sorted through the shoes -- threw away the yucky tattered ones, and saved a few pairs to give away.
  • Took some stuff out of there, like the chainsaw, and put it in the garage.
  • Aidan brought an old plastic bin out of there and sprayed it clean with the hose. I'm not bringing it back in though -- I think I will use it for kindling or something else.

This took close to an hour, but part of the time I was making breakfast, helping Aidan get shoes on, etc.

  • The kids will scrub and sweep the floor as part of their Monday chores.
  • The walls really need repainting.
  • There were some shoes I probably could have given away, strictly speaking, but since there was plenty of room I kept them as extras. We have all sizes of kids and we are quite streamlined on shoes -- the older boys generally have a regular pair, a Sunday pair, some winter boots and sometimes athletic shoes. That's still 24 pairs total! but not really exorbitant considering.
Now the pictures:

Not really a "before" -- actually a "midway" but you can see all the shoes to sort through.


The trash I got rid of -- that makes 8 bags total so far.

The inside part -- decluttered of shoes.

After -- you can still see some car junk there I need to do something with but I'm leaving it there for now until I tackle the garage, since it's getting congested in there.

Oh, and until I saw the picture I didn't even notice the layer of grime at the bottom of the chest. That's where our dog lies after he's come in from playing in the spring mud outside ;-)

Next Task:

Front of Greatroom


Jacqueline said...

Reading about your housecleaning and organizing accomplishments is almost persuading me to get going too, almost I say. ;)

Susan L said...

Willa, I was just taking a second break in a long day's work, and I was cleaning out my favorite places. I found this link and thought... what is this? So, I clicked on it, and lo and behold, it's you! I have no idea how long I've had the link (I don't remember it, actually). Nice surprise! This is such appropriate reading right now as I, too, am working hard at decluttering and cleaning out my home. I'll have to keep checking back. Other people's progress is somehow inspiring. :-)


Willa said...

Glad you found it, Susan. In turn, I have been reading your cooking posts and really trying to soak them in, because food preparation is so not a joy of mine. After I finish this cleaning tour I think I will tackle my issues with that -- it might be easier with a more tidy, streamlined kitchen.

Yes, I know, Jacqueline -- I put this off for ages. Everyone else was cleaning during Lent and I was shutting my eyes and stepping over Lego pieces ;-)