Friday, August 15, 2008

Frugal and Fitness Friday

It's a long time since I did a Thrifty Thursday, and it's not really Thursday today, but here are a few of the shirts (and the green dress at the top) that I got yesterday (and THAT was Thursday) on a thrift store trip with my daughter. I like the colors -- and I like changing my wardrobe "palette" every few months, though purple and grey are usually constants.

My daughter bought several things too -- we hardly ever really overlap on what we pick up -- she goes for fun, vintage things like polka-dots, and "classic" pleated skirts and jackets, and pastels, while I usually go for basic knits in deep colors, along with long skirts in neutral colors, and jeans.

As for fitness -- I have had trouble with good eating this week, though I only gained a pound. Too many carb cravings -- it's sort of a cycle, since if I eat too many carbohydrates on one day, it generates a craving on future days. The best way I have found to short-circuit the cycle is to stick mostly to vegetables and protein for a day or so... a sort of low-glycemic index pattern. But I haven't been focusing enough since we've had a busy week, so probably today would be a good day to get back on track.

I also have been exercise-averse, recently. It started off with a couple of days when I wasn't feeling very well and even a bit of cycling was too much. Then it generalized into an aversion. So I googled "hate exercise" and came up with, strangely, a couple of sites about Tai Chi. So is it incompatible with one's Catholic faith to practice just the exercises without delving into the "Supreme Ultimate" stuff? On Catholic Answers Forum, it would seem not, IF you stick to the good true beautiful aspects and stay away from the philosophy. Anyway, I'm thinking that for me, just taking the thoughtful warming-up aspects of exercising, WHEN I'm feeling like not even moving my body except in the laundry room, kitchen and computer table triangle, might be helpful in keeping some continuity in physical training. So we shall see.

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lissla lissar said...

My husband is both Catholic and just got his second-degree teaching certification in Tai Chi. He also has black belts in Gozu karate and kobudo. We've had endless conversations about Eastern philosophy and Catholicism, how they relate, and what is okay and what might be spiritually dangerous. He would LOVE (I'm sure) to chat with you via email about Tai Chi, if you're interested.

Must go, Nat's calling!