Saturday, October 11, 2008

Occasional Update

I guess this blog hasn't been very active recently. We went on a trip and I haven't got my domestic energy back yet, so the kitchen checklist is still in my head. ETA: I talked myself into writing it out, so look at household forms to see the updates.

Fitness: I've maintained at 133 pounds. I seem to be maintaining better than I did last far.... we'll see. Every time the temperature drops in the fall, I get the strong inclination to pack carbs. If it happens again this year, I'll take it as a natural pattern and deal with it accordingly.

I've started cycling again but I keep forgetting to add the totals to my Walk (Ride) to Lothlorien.

Aidan took this picture of me. I think it's obvious that what this mom of seven has to work on is POSTURE. I think this largely comes from very weak stomach muscles. My middle muscles were not that strong to begin with, and 9 pregnancies pretty much took out what was left -- they're quite like the strands of an old hammock.

Curling up with a laptop doesn't help much.

And my husband would say -- consume enough calcium and take Vitamin D, since osteoporosis is probably a good possibility with a basically sedentary sort like me.

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Jeannie said...

I think you have a wonderful blog going on here, and some great tips too.